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Web Based Marketing is designed to give you the ability to easily gather information about our products.

The website also gives us the opportunity to bring you interesting and up-to-date information and news about our products and special sections.

If you look below and you will notice that Web Based Marketing gives quality insight on where and what you should be going after, in the search engine world.

Ours Services

• XML feeds
• RSS feeds
• Keyword optimized
• Web site optimization
• Link building campaigns
• Search engine positioning maintenance
• Manual & directory search engine
• On-going reporting and ROI analysis
• Web designs & graphics
• Media buys
• Data mining
• Programming
• Banner management software
• Banner tracking software
• Affiliate content management systems &       software
• Online chat programs
• Blogs

WBM Blog

High search engine rankings is a very complicated and detailed process. Web Based Marketing will provide you everything needed for turn key ranking solutions. WBM also provides creative and graphics design, programing, and analysis.

Researching and selecting the appropriate keywords that produce large traffic volumes.

Optimize your web site for high rankings in the search engines with appropriate keywords you have selected.

Making sure that your keywords are in your title, meta tags, links, and in text within the body of your page.

Submitting your web site to the top search engines, instead of using submission software. Submission software can cause you more damage than good, it's a good idea to avoid the risk and do it yourself.

Once you are indexed, checking the rankings of your web site at each of the search engines. To improve your current rankings, make minor adjustments, until you are satisfied with your rankings.